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Sale Sneakernews unisa NUMAR women's Court Shoes in Explore New Discount Geniue Stockist Clearance 100% Guaranteed 50iERh9S
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Finally, finish the day proud of the work you have accomplished!

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“The Productivity Planner has completely changed the way I work. It has helped me prioritize my life for the vital few things that are important. Before using it, often I would let my calendar and to-do list run my day and never felt like I was getting the important stuff done.”

Vanessa Van Edwards

Author Behavioral Investigator, Science of People

• Accomplish what’s important, not busywork: The Productivity Planner focuses you on less tasks per day, the most important tasks that move you closer to your goals, dreams, and big wins.

• Helps you avoid distractions: You’ll work in shorter, more focused bursts called Pomodoros that will make sure you are not diluting your energy or worse, wasting your time.

• Weekly Planning + Reflection: At the start of each week, the Productivity Planner helps you plan your week for success. At the end of each day and week you will reflect on how effective you were, helping you learn your patterns, and improve for tomorrow.

Watch the video to learn more how the Productivity Planner works.

A structured format to get you focused on quality tasks over quantity.

The Productivity Planner combines completing your Most Important First (The Ivy Lee method that made Charles Schwab millions) with the Pomodoro Technique to stay focused on your task at hand. Goals research from Dominican university has shown, those who write their goals down are more likely to follow through.

There are 5 daily pages per week, and 23 weeks. A total of 115 daily pages + weekly planning + weekly reviews. It is created for 6 months of planning.

The planner does not include a calendar, but has weekly planning and weekly review pages. Each daily page also includes room for notes.

The Productivity Planner's main purpose is to help you accomplish your most important tasks of the week, not just another to-do list that is neatly organized :)

Via standard shipping:

*Please note, the following shipping services are available for you however they do not provide tracking information for your parcel: Australia Post Air Mail, Royal Mail International Standard (Countries Outside of EU), Hong Kong Post International Registered Mail.

Australia Post Air Mail

Tracking: Please note that if you select Australia Post Air Mail as your preferred shipping method, your confirmation email will not include a tracking link or accompanied tracking information.

Kokki I , Smith D , Simmonds P , Ramalingam S , Wellington L , Willocks L , Johannessen I , Harvala H . 2016. Hepatitis E virus is the leading cause of acute viral hepatitis in Lothian, Scotland. New Microbes New Infect , 10 pp. 6-12. | Patrizia Pepe Flat Sandals How Much Discount Release Dates Cheap Sale Popular Visit New Online wybrXFq
| Read more

Acute viral hepatitis affects all ages worldwide. Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is increasingly recognized as a major cause of acute hepatitis in Europe. Because knowledge of its characteristics is limited, we conducted a retrospective study to outline demographic and clinical features of acute HEV in comparison to hepatitis A, B and C in Lothian over 28 months (January 2012 to April 2014). A total of 3204 blood samples from patients with suspected acute hepatitis were screened for hepatitis A, B and C virus; 913 of these samples were also screened for HEV. Demographic and clinical information on patients with positive samples was gathered from electronic patient records. Confirmed HEV samples were genotyped. Of 82 patients with confirmed viral hepatitis, 48 (59%) had acute HEV. These patients were older than those infected by hepatitis A, B or C viruses, were more often male and typically presented with jaundice, nausea, vomiting and/or malaise. Most HEV cases (70%) had eaten pork or game meat in the few months before infection, and 14 HEV patients (29%) had a recent history of foreign travel. The majority of samples were HEV genotype 3 (27/30, 90%); three were genotype 1. Acute HEV infection is currently the predominant cause of acute viral hepatitis in Lothian and presents clinically in older men. Most of these infections are autochthonous, and further studies confirming the sources of infection (i.e. food or blood transfusion) are required.

Gaunt E , Wise HM , Zhang H , Lee LN , Atkinson NJ , Nicol MQ , Highton AJ , Klenerman P , Beard PM , Dutia BM , Digard P , Simmonds P et al . 2016. Elevation of CpG frequencies in influenza A genome attenuates pathogenicity but enhances host response to infection. Elife , 5 (FEBRUARY2016), pp. e12735. | Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Flats Sale Buy YC4FeQC
| Read more

Previously, we demonstrated that frequencies of CpG and UpA dinucleotides profoundly influence the replication ability of echovirus 7 (Tulloch et al., 2014). Here, we show that that influenza A virus (IAV) with maximised frequencies of these dinucleotides in segment 5 showed comparable attenuation in cell culture compared to unmodified virus and a permuted control (CDLR). Attenuation was also manifested in vivo, with 10-100 fold reduced viral loads in lungs of mice infected with 200PFU of CpG-high and UpA-high mutants. However, both induced powerful inflammatory cytokine and adaptive (T cell and neutralising antibody) responses disproportionate to their replication. CpG-high infected mice also showed markedly reduced clinical severity, minimal weight loss and reduced immmunopathology in lung, yet sterilising immunity to lethal dose WT challenge was achieved after low dose (20PFU) pre-immunisation with this mutant. Increasing CpG dinucleotide frequencies represents a generic and potentially highly effective method for generating safe, highly immunoreactive vaccines.

Smith DB , Gaunt ER , Digard P , Templeton K , Simmonds P . 2016. Detection of influenza C virus but not influenza D virus in Scottish respiratory samples. J Clin Virol , 74 pp. 50-53. | Show Abstract | Read more

BACKGROUND: A newly proposed genus of influenza virus (influenza D) is associated with respiratory disease in pigs and cattle. The novel virus is most closely related to human influenza C virus and can infect ferrets but infection has not been reported in humans. OBJECTIVES: To ascertain if influenza D virus can be detected retrospectively in patient respiratory samples. STUDY DESIGN: 3300 human respiratory samples from Edinburgh, Scotland, covering the period 2006-2008, were screened in pools of 10 by RT-PCR using primers capable of detecting both influenza C and D viruses. RESULTS: Influenza D was not detected in any sample. Influenza C was present in 6 samples (0.2%), compared with frequencies of 3.3% and 0.9% for influenza A and B viruses from RT-PCR testing of respiratory samples over the same period. Influenza C virus was detected in samples from individuals <2 years or >45 years old, with cases occurring throughout the year. Phylogenetic analysis of nearly complete sequences of all seven segments revealed the presence of multiple, reassortant lineages. CONCLUSION: We were unable to detect viruses related to influenza D virus in human respiratory samples. Influenza C virus was less prevalent than influenza A and B viruses, was associated with mild disease in the young (<2 years) and old (>45 years) and comprised multiple, reassortant lineages. Inclusion of influenza C virus as part of a diagnostic testing panel for respiratory infections would be of limited additional value.

Lu L , Van Dung N , Bryant JE , Carrique-Mas J , Van Cuong N , Anh PH , Rabaa MA , Baker S , Simmonds P , Woolhouse ME . 2016. Evolution and phylogeographic dissemination of endemic porcine picornaviruses in Vietnam. Virus Evol , 2 (1), pp. vew001. | Show Abstract | Free Shipping Cheap Online Buy Cheap Footlocker Finishline SMYTHSON Mara Marshall crocodileeffect leather wallet Buy Authentic Online Clearance 100% Guaranteed Cheap Hot Sale HwIH3jNVlW

Members of the Picornaviridae are important and often zoonotic viruses responsible for a variety of human and animal diseases. However, the evolution and spatial dissemination of different picornaviruses circulating in domestic animals are not well studied. We examined the rate of evolution and time of origin of porcine enterovirus G (EV-G) and porcine kobuvirus species C lineages (PKV-C) circulating in pig farms in Vietnam and from other countries. We further explored the spatiotemporal spread of EV-G and PKV-C in Southwest Vietnam using phylogeographic models. Multiple types of EV-G are co-circulating in Vietnam. The two dominant EV-G types among isolates from Vietnam (G1 and G6) showed strong phylogenetic clustering. Three clades of PKV-C (PKV-C1-3) represent more recent introductions into Vietnam; PKV-C2 is closely related to PKV-C from Southwest China, indicating possible cross-border dissemination. In addition, high virus lineage migration rates were estimated within four districts in Dong Thap province in Vietnam for both EV-G types (G1, G6) and all PKV-C (C1-3) clades. We found that Chau Thanh district is a primary source of both EV-G and PKV-C clades, consistent with extensive pig trading in and out of the district. Understanding the evolution and spatial dissemination of endemic picornaviruses in pigs may inform future strategies for the surveillance and control of picornaviruses.

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Mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells are abundant in humans and recognize bacterial ligands. Here, we demonstrate that MAIT cells are also activated during human viral infections in vivo. MAIT cells activation was observed during infection with dengue virus, hepatitis C virus and influenza virus. This activation-driving cytokine release and Granzyme B upregulation-is TCR-independent but dependent on IL-18 in synergy with IL-12, IL-15 and/or interferon-α/β. IL-18 levels and MAIT cell activation correlate with disease severity in acute dengue infection. Furthermore, HCV treatment with interferon-α leads to specific MAIT cell activation in vivo in parallel with an enhanced therapeutic response. Moreover, TCR-independent activation of MAIT cells leads to a reduction of HCV replication in vitro mediated by IFN-γ. Together these data demonstrate MAIT cells are activated following viral infections, and suggest a potential role in both host defence and immunopathology.

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Walk-behind mowers feature our TriAction® cutting system – ensuring a clean, even cut every time. Whether you’re mulching or bagging, Troy-Bilt® walk-behind mowers will deliver a perfect cut.

Troy-Bilt® offers a full line of push and self-propelled, walk-behind lawn mowers to maintain lawns of many shapes and sizes. All walk-behind mowers also come with helpful features like the TriAction® cutting system. There are several factors that can narrow your search for a new walk-behind lawn mower. Those include whether or not you want to push the mower, your yard size and the type of terrain.

TB110 Walk-Behind Push Mower 21" TriAction® Cutting System with 3-in-1 Capability: Side Discharge / Mulch / Rear Bag

$199.99 * Free Shipping


TB115 High Wheel Walk-Behind Push Mower 21" TriAction® Cutting System with 3-in-1 Capability: Side Discharge / Mulch / Rear Bag

$229.99 * Free Shipping


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21" TriAction® Cutting System with 3-in-1 Capability: Side Discharge / Mulch / Rear Bag

$239.99 * Free Shipping


TB200 Self-Propelled Mower with Front Wheel Drive 21" TriAction® Cutting System with 3-in-1 Capability: Side Discharge / Mulch / Rear Bag

$269.99 * Free Shipping


Clearance Popular Liberto Womens LIB35SL Platform Sandals Limit Offer Cheap Cheap Sale 2018 Unisex BvDqeH
21" TriAction® Cutting System with 3-in-1 Capability: Side Discharge / Mulch / Rear Bag


TB220 High Wheel Self-Propelled Mower with Front Wheel Drive 21" TriAction® Cutting System with 3-in-1 Capability: Side Discharge / Mulch / Rear Bag

$279.99 * Free Shipping


TB230 High Wheel Self-Propelled Mower 21" TriAction® Cutting System with 3-in-1 Capability: Side Discharge / Mulch / Rear Bag

$299.99 * Free Shipping


TB320 TriAction® 21" Rear Wheel Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Mower 3-in-1 Capability: Side Discharge / Mulch / Rear Bag Lawn Mower

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